Šetić Joins the International Roster of K-Classic Honorary Conductors

At the invitation of the South Korean conductor and Artistic Director of the K-Classic Organizing Committee, Jongwhi Vakh Park, Fuad Šetić was appointed honorary conductor of the K-orchestra, which operates under the aforementioned committee.

The K-Classic project was launched in October 2012 and has been active for almost a decade in the field of promoting and nurturing music of Western European and world art thought, but also Korean art music, with the aim of internationalising the art scene in South Korea, but also networking and artist exchange with the rest of the world.

Creating a common artistic language that people around the world can understand and “speak” is the basic guiding thought of K-Classics. In this way, the organisation tries to place its own art scene on the international level, as is the case with K-pop music.

Joining the international roster of conductors appointed as honorary conductors of the K-orchestra, Šetić continues to strengthen his international connections, which will not only contribute to the post-pandemic revitalisation of the art music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also increase the visibility of Bosnian-Herzegovinian art thought outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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